Most of the large cities in Europe provide budget flights to and from Lanzarote (Arrecife Airport). A good starting point to find flights from your country to Lanzarote is the Skyscanner App. Tip – once you have identified likely flights on Skyscanner go to the airline site.  [Another good starting point is the TUI website for UK guests and websiteSWE  for Swedish guests ]


The journey by road from Arrecife airport to Villa Astra takes about 35 to 40 minutes. The first choice is whether or not to hire a car? Car hire in Lanzarote is relatively inexpensive and fuel is cheap. The main roads are very good. For these reasons most of our guests hire a car. If you are comfortable driving on the right-hand side of the road and decide to hire a car, then you are generally best to book in advance.
Most of the airlines provide links to car website “trawlers”. If you use one of these take care to check the terms and conditions carefully before you book. Many apparently cheap deals add a lot to eliminate the excess, to hire child seats, for additional drivers or they charge for a full tank of fuel regardless of what bring back. Overall we recommend booking direct with Auto Reisen – they have new cars, excellent pickup and drop-off facilities at the airport, free child seats and one free additional driver and you can usually return the car with the same amount of fuel at no extra cost.

AutoReisen Car Hire

(When using the link above be sure to change your destination to Lanzarote as you start to complete the form!)

If you have full European maps on your GPS these should work in Lanzarote. If you have data on your smart phone then the usual Map Apps, including Google Maps and Apple Maps, work well in Lanzarote.
If you prefer not to hire a car, taxis are reasonably priced and there is a good bus network across the island plus a range of tours available from Playa Blanca. An official taxi (red with a grey roof), from the airport to the Villa, costs about €55. Alternatively, there are a range of taxi, minibus and coach services that can be pre-booked on the internet at slightly lower cost particularly for groups of more than four. There is bus stop close to the villa for journeys into and out of Playa Blanca centre – and a taxi rank by the supermarket (cost €4-5 for a taxi to the town centre. See here for Lanzarote bus timetables:

Lanzarote Bus Information


Lanzarote is a relatively safe holiday destination - for your extra safety and security please note the following:

1. The sun! It’s probably one reason why you came to Lanzarote but treat it with respect! Use high factor sunscreen, especially for children, cover vulnerable areas (head, feet & ankles). We discourage the use of P20 and similar products as these can clog up the pool filter and can stain sheets and towels. The cost of damage from sunscreen products to the pool filter, sheets or towels will be deducted from your deposit.
2. Security - lock up fully when you go out and check that your valuables are covered by your holiday insurance both inside and outside the property.

3. Lanzarote is often windy – prevent doors and windows from slamming by closing doors fully or using the shutter clamps and door stops provided throughout the Villa.

4. From June to August the wind sometimes carries with it fine dust from the Sahara. During this “Calima” please ensure that the front facing windows, doors and shutters are closed at all times.

5. Tap water is “desalinated” and you are advised to use bottled water for drinking purposes – bottled water is inexpensive.
There are occasional mosquitos – fewer than most hot holiday destinations thanks to the wind and lack of water - mosquito plugs and refills can be purchased locally - there are usually plugs left in the villa. Insect repellent is provided in a container in the kitchen along with burn spray, plasters and antiseptic cream.
6. Mains water is pressurised by a pump that is housed in the small circular structure next to the pool equipment. This pump comes on automatically when taps are opened in the Villa or WCs are flushed or the washing machine is operating – this is normal for Canary Island properties. When everything is turned off in the house – if any of the taps, showers or WCs start to drip - you may hear the water pump coming on and off periodically. If this happens please contact the Villa Manager.


1. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the villa, garden or pool area. If you smoke outside the front of the property, please dispose of cigarette butts directly into the rubbish bins at the end of the street and not into the house, pool area or garden.
2. The pool is 1.8m deep and should be treated with respect. Children must be supervised at all times. Diving is not allowed. The pool is used at your own risk. When you request the safety fence this will be fitted for the duration of your stay. It is the responsibility of guests to ensure that the gate and fence are used carefully. The fence is no substitute for supervision of children. The pool equipment area has a permanent fence around it – guests must not enter this area.
3. Lanzarote is a desert environment so any food left out may attract pests (flies etc.) with the associated health risks. In the interests of hygiene, and for your own wellbeing, the villa (and especially the kitchen) should be kept clear of uncovered food. Crumbs and spillages should be cleared up without delay.
4. In the interests of the environment guests should clean and separate (1) glass (2) heavy plastic, and (3) cardboard & cartons; and, every few days, put these materials into the recycling bins on the right-hand side - just past the Hyperdino.
5. Non-recyclable rubbish should be put in the kitchen bin provided, using a bin liner, and removed regularly to the rubbish bins in the cabinet by the small roundabout.
6. The cost of basic cleaning is included in the hire charge. This charge covers linen changes, pool cleaning and a reasonable level of cleaning after guests leave. The Villa Manager will clean the pool and pool area regularly during your stay. Guests are asked to keep the Villa clean and tidy and to dispose of rubbish at the end of their stay. The cost of excessive cleaning and/or rubbish disposal required after guests leave, will be deducted from the deposit.
7. P20 and related products react with chlorine in the pool and cause stains on sun-loungers, towels, seating, sheets and your clothes. Please use sun tan lotions other than P20 when you are in and around the pool and pool area. The beach towels provided should be used on the sun-loungers and outside furniture to keep sun tan lotions off these and to protect bath and hand towels. If P20 type products cause damage to furniture or soft furnishings then remedial or replacement costs may be deducted from the deposit.
8. Guests should not attempt to change the wifi or TV App settings, or the wiring to either device. Problems with any of the equipment should be notified to the owners or the Villa Manager.
9. Mains water and electricity are expensive in Lanzarote so please avoid excessive use of either. Do not leave the air conditioning on when you leave the house. The water and electricity meter readings will be recorded at the beginning and end of your stay. The cost of excessive use may be deducted from the deposit.
10. Call outs of the Villa Manager will not normally be charged to guests - unless the problem was caused by the guests or the callout was unnecessary.